e-risk is a versatile platform offering a unique tool kit enabling complex risk analysis
basing on own risk management methods.

The tool supports:

  • the whole risk management process,
  • risk identification,
  • risk analysis, and monitoring. 

User-friendly interface, perfectly designed functionality.
Perfect combination of competence, technology and easy use.


Open architecture 

e-risk and the available creators enable the construction of dictionaries, libraries, methodologies, scripts, reminders,
reports in a unique manner, ensuring at the same time support on all risk management steps.

The wide range of techniques and research and design tools used, which the user applies precisely, allows to adapt
the solutions to the specifications of the project or organization.


The e-risk software has been designed and executed basing on international standards in the scope of risk
management, as well as norms and good practices referring to this area. 
The software ensures compliance with:

  • COSO II,
  • Act on public finances (management control),
  • ISO 27001, ISO 22301,
  • Anti-Corruption Risk Systems,
  • M_o_R,
  • ISO 31000, etc.